John Boal

I am fortunate enough to have worked in electrics for the last thirty years or so and am absolutely delighted to now be able to deliver exceptional standards on behalf of my own company. Many others describe me to be 'the yes man', as for me (and my business partner) no job is too big or too small. Exceeding others expectations is what drives me and the work I deliver - be that for an individual or for the construction companies that continue to use us. i have always been extremely proud and thorough in all of my work after really trying to understand customer requirements

Ollie Worrall

I was a late starter to becoming an Electrician at the age of 18, before hand I studied information tech-knowledge at oxford college for 2 years, I was lucky enough to then start my Electrical course with a contacting company at Didcot A power station where I gain knowledge of the commercial and industrial side of electrical works, at the age of 24 I moved on to domestic house wiring where I've learnt many different things from eco heating systems to smart lighting systems. I've always said I wanted to own my own company by the time I was 30 to which I have seccedded with the help of John the "yes man" like above no job is to big or small for us. We continue on with a successful venture into our second year, with the company growing every week.